The Melting Pot and Glasgow Caledonian University run two Good Ideas Camps on Social Innovation

On the 21st September and 12th October, two Good Ideas Camps were run by The Melting Pot and Glasgow Caledonian University together to a group of individuals that have ideas in Social Innovation they want to explore and develop further. 

The first workshop had around 16 members both from the university and the outside community and they were expected to participate in the second workshop also as the activities complement each other. During the first Camp, the participants thought about the problem and assessed their understanding of it, as well as other’s understanding of the problem.

The second workshop built upon the problem approach to encourage the participants to think about how they address the problem and where the flaws in their current solution idea. The workshop made use of a number of the tools from the SIKE repository and designed as part of the SIKE training schedule. 

Some of the participants came directly from the Good Ideas Catalyst; which ran on the 18th of September and was a more condensed event, that was focused on encouraging action and the attendees to think about how they could move their ideas along. Other participants came directly through the application process to the Camp workshops.

Many of these Camp applicants will now go on to a 6-month workshop programme called Good Ideas Class. This is an intensive, weekly evening workshop offered to develop each social innovator in terms of business models, forming networks, user and ecosystem mapping, impact mapping and many other areas that a budding social innovator will encounter as they form their idea into reality.

Another taster workshop was delivered to students at GCU through the GCU Students Association ‘Student Leaders’ workshop programme. The SIKE project has worked to develop an introductory Social Innovation workshop to students who want to learn more, and a follow on Advanced Social Innovation workshop for those that want more theoretical information and to look at the tools they can use to develop their ideas into something concrete.

More activities will continue and the same format as the Good Ideas programme will begin again in 2020.

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