Honest Conversations Series

The SIKE Team at Glasgow Caledonian University recently organised and hosted two Policy Workshops in collaboration with an Interreg Project – Atlantic Social Lab, and two Scottish Organisations; Scotland’s Social Entrepreneurs’ Network (Senscot) and Scottish Care.  Both workshops focused on a different thematic area and this theme’s relationship with Scottish social innovation and enterprise. Both workshops have produced recommendations for local and national government in Scotland and hosted a number of practitioners, academics, civil servants, local government and social enterprises.

The first workshop was held on the 12th February and was focussed on the delivery of social care in Scotland and the large number of Social Enterprises that deliver care. Participants held an open dialogue after the initial presentations which were delivered by Scottish Care, Glasgow Caledonian University, University of Birmingham, and University of Stirling. Discussion then focussed on the past, present and future in terms of what works well, and what does not. A local community run radio station; Sunny Govan, made a podcast about the event as well.

The second workshop was held on the 6th March in Edinburgh at the Grassmarket Community Project in Edinburgh. The workshop hosted 46 participants from across the Social Enterprise sector in Scotland. Mark Anderson, Director of GCU’s Research & Innovation Office, introduced the SIKE Project and Atlantic Social Lab before Aiden Pia, Executive Director of Senscot, described the history of the sector and recent policy initiatives, including reflecting on the impact of Scotland’s Social Enterprise Strategy 2016-2026 and Building a Sustainable Social Enterprise Sector in Scotland: Action Plan 2017-2020. Pauline Graham, CEO of Social Firms Scotland, explained the results of the Action Plan consultation process, setting the scene for a workshop facilitated by the GCU SIKE Team. The results of this workshop will be detailed in a briefing paper co-produced by GCU, SENScot and Social Firms Scotland. After the workshop Senscot held its Annual General Meeting where a motion was passed to create a new merged entity between Senscot and Social Firms Scotland (SFS). Sunny Govan Radio was present at this event also, and will be producing a podcast about the event.

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