Evolve – The Business Plan Competition with a Difference

Here at SIKE we like to keep things fresh and exciting, and are constantly looking for
ways to engage as many people as possible with the work we are doing. We like to
do things differently. With that being said, we are excited to introduce “Evolve” – the
business plan competition with a difference.

The Evolve competition is perfect for anyone who has an amazing idea that they are
in the beginning stages of developing. We want to hear about it! We are calling all
budding entrepreneurs and social innovators in our partner regions to get on board.
Instead of a standard written business plan competition, applicants are invited to
submit three to five short videos, which will document the progress of their idea and
business plan over the course of a six-month period.

The videos should reflect:
 Who are you?
 How is your idea different?
 What is the social need?
 How will it make change happen?
 Who will benefit?
 How will it be sustainable?

The competition will be channeled through the Glocal platform, where participants
will be able to register and upload their entries into the system. Each of our partner
regions will manage their own regional entries and choose one entry that will make
the shortlist.

One semi-finalist from the UK, Germany, Croatia, The Basque Region and Portuga
will then have the opportunity to travel to Brussels for our final event where they will
present their idea to a panel. * One winner will be chosen and they will be awarded
prize winnings of €2000.
We will keep you updated with exciting news of the competition!

*This travel is of course dependent on the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

Click below for the German description and the German terms and conditions

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