It takes a region to raise a start-up

The initiators of the campaign “It takes a region to raise a start-up” have made it their business to make all start-ups and relevant players in the scene visible at a glance. The Centre for Entrepreneurship & Transfer (CET) of TU Dortmund University is a partner in the first edition for the Ruhr area.

The Ruhr area is considered an up-and-coming hot spot for start-ups. Favourable infrastructure, a good university infrastructure, large companies and a high population density make it an attractive place to start a business. “It takes a region to raise a start-up” aims at promoting the exchange between the players on the scene. The participants share a commitment to exchange knowledge and create a community in an ecosystem beyond the city borders.  

In addition to the posters showing the ecosystem around the start-up scene, this year there are digital profiles for everyone who registers. The posters will appear in mid-November and you can register your start-up free of charge on the campaign website. 

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