The Melting Pot has found its new home!

We have a big announcement to make on Monday 8 March. In this blog The Melting Pot’s Founder and CEO Claire Carpenter gives you a sneak peak.

The Melting Pot has found its new home.

It has been a whirlwind year for me and my team. We have spent the last four months searching for and securing a perfect new space for The Melting Pot.

I am ecstatic to announce that we have found a new space and a new partner to work with on bringing this new home to life. I can’t reveal all just yet, I know what a tease! But I can tell you that you’re going to love it. It’s bigger, better and couldn’t have come to us at a more crucial time.

We will reveal all at our live event at 5pm on Monday 8 March. Make sure you’re there. And if you’re already crying out for an alternative to working from home sign up to our waiting list.

We’re working hard so The Melting Pot’s new and improved space is ready to open its doors on Monday 3 May.

The space is in Edinburgh’s city centre and will have full social distancing measures in place to keep the community safe.

We are still committed to coworking. As a fit for purpose workspace solution for a changing world of work and a vehicle for social change.

The COVID crisis has alienated us from the spaces we shared with our communities. This has been necessary to protect ourselves and each other, particularly our most vulnerable. But for us to recover as individuals, as communities and as a society we need to safely transition back to these shared spaces. In short, we need each other.

We will continue to respond to government measures as they are announced for as long as that is necessary.

By May we expect to be able to open with comprehensive measures in place that will keep us safe as we connect in our community’s new home.

The Melting Pot’s purpose has always been to bring people together and to create a community that is greater than the sum of its parts. We believe this is the surest route to stimulating and supporting social innovation. And social innovation is more important than ever at this point in history.

We know that this time has been brutal for many people. With even the luckiest among us isolated and adapting to working from home. None of us know what the long term impacts of this COVID response will be. But we do know that we will be able to weather them more effectively if we are able to connect with each other safely.

We’ve focused on creating a well-being workplace. From May onwards we will once again provide a safe place to work, meet, learn and connect away from home.

The Virtual Pot will stay up and running so we can expand our remote coworking community across Scotland to anyone who needs it.

Flexibility has always been a central part of what we offer and that hasn’t gone anywhere. Our new membership model is built to serve the people most negatively impacted by working from home.

The Melting Pot was built to aid the resilience of the Scottish organisations working to solve our deepest social problems. We will provide a vital resource to these organisations at a crucial time. While they fight to survive so they can continue delivering essential work. We are working with employers, employees, business owners and freelancers to make sure every member of each team has their workspace needs met.

Blended workspace use is here to stay and our new home will be a resource for Scotland’s social innovators in Edinburgh’s city centre. The new space has more room for Zoom calls and phone calls and all the other new tenets of working remotely.

Scotland’s recovery depends on us looking after our well-being and that of others around us.

The Melting Pot’s new home will be a safe place to do just that.

Join us on Monday 8 March for the full announcement and get your name on the waiting list if you want to guarantee your place in our coworking community.

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