The winner of SIKE’s EVOLVE competition

During the Finale of the SIKE project, our Evolve competitors had the chance to showcase their projects for a chance to win 2,000 euros. The winner was announced on the day. Congratulations to Somos Oreka and to the runners up (below)



Household food shortages and food waste are intrinsically linked problems, and Oreka has developed an end-to-end solution that addresses both. They have a clear mission: to help companies to end food waste and food shortages in their communities, and do so in a simple, safe and profitable way.

Oreka’s technology enables companies to safely donate excess food, access tax deductions, and obtain statistical data to guide better management and business decisions.


Denis Ugalde (Getxo, 1991) is the founder of Oreka, a technology start-up that fights against food waste through the design of circular economy circuits.

4 runners ups:

  • Homies Capital

Homies Capital is a community development-focused venture capital firm specializing in SME financing, strategy advisory & corporate education.

Founder Bio:

Kgaudi – Piet Motalaota is an Engineer, private equity professional & social entrepreneur whose primary labour is committed to technological innovation, finance, and community development. Kgaudi has worked as an Engineer for General Electric (GE) and as a management consultant for Bain & Company (Bain).

  • 1000 Solar Roofs – Cities and Jobs Regeneration through Community Led

People lost jobs – 25,000 people in Croatia have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 and more jobs will be lost by the end of the year. On “a sunny side” – the estimates show jobs-creation potential in rolling- out solar PVs installations in boosting services in design, solar panels assembling, installations, operation, education and training.

Project leader:

Melani Furlan, MSc Electrical Engineering and Information Technology,
specialized in power systems engineering and distributed generation

  • Heimbridge

Changing life circumstances such as limited mobility and health make the world smaller and smaller as we age. We are developing a multi-sided platform that gives seniors access to new digital opportunities. With our visualization concept, even people without prior knowledge can participate in the web.

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