German members

Michael Kriegel

Michael holds a master`s degree in economics and social sciences (University of Dortmund). He leads the entrepreneurship education project „5 Euro StartUp“, a contest combined with ideation workshops, consulting and coaching. Founding his own publishing company in 2009, he is the editor of books in entrepreneurship and mountainbiking. Additionally, Michael has worked as a start-up consultant at University of Munich (LMU) from 2010 to 2018, leading the project „Innovative spirit“, combining trainings and workshops in entrepreneurship and social innovation. He is lecturer for ideation, lean start up and business planning and runs the social startup days. He installed the „2M4E“ initiative Montréal /Munich and currently develops a German Canadian Initiative in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Melanie Dahl
Melanie Dahl

After finishing her academic studies in european ethnology, Melanie Dahl worked for a theater project, a notable foundation, a charity organisation, as communications manager for an educational initiative and as communitymanager as well as later mastercoach and head of qualifications for the Social Impact Lab Duisburg – a social innovation incubator.
She is a certified systemic coach and is now self-employed in the field of coaching and consulting focusing on impact, communications as well as organisational and team development. Furthermore, Melanie is member and head of social innovation of the BEEMING Group, a company and support programme for social ventures.

Jens Koller and Sinem Ulutas

The two universities, the Protestant University of Applied Sciences (EvH) and the Catholic University of Applied Sciences of North Rine-Westfalia (KatHo NRW), have applied as the Social Innovation Transfer Network (s_inn)” in a federal and state funded program, which aims to promote research-based ideas , knowledge exchange and technology transfer. Universities should be supported in the profiling process in the area of ​​transfer and innovation, also known as the “Third Mission”, and thereby strengthen their strategic role in the regional innovation system. The two government-funded church colleges of the state of NRW are developing a transfer network with the aim of promoting social innovations and also fostering the interaction between higher education institutions and society through research-based transfer. With a total of five locations, the transfer network s_inn covers all regions of the state of NRW – while the KatHO NRW focuses on the Rhineland and Westphalia, the EvH RWL focuses on the ruhr region. At the Bochum location, Ms. Sinem Ulutas and Mr. Jens Koller work in the field of Innovation Lab.

Jens Koller
Jens Koller
studied Social Work (BA) and Social Inclusion: Health and Education (MA) at the EvH-Bochum. During and after his studies, he worked as a social worker in various educational institutions and in the arts/theater education sector.

Their focuses of work include:
• Accompaniment and support of transfer projects and transfer activities
• Evaluation of transfer activities and transfer projects
• Consultation regarding the continuity of projects
• Development and testing of participatory formats
• Merging of different actors

Sinem Ulutas
Sinem Ulutas
studied Educational Science (BA and MA) at Phillips University in Marburg. After completing her studies, she worked as a research assistant in the project “AKTIF – Disabled Persons in Participation and Inclusion Research” at the University of Cologne. In addition, she works for the newspaper “Die Gaste” in the editorial office on an honorary basis. Furthermore, she is doing her doctorate in the Department of Educational Science at the University of Cologne on the topic of migration and education.