Needs Analysis

SIKE Need Analysis Report

The following document presents the second phase of the Needs Analysis Work Package, included in the European Erasmus+ project SIKE – Social Innovation Through Knowledge Exchange. This document, in the form of a report, includes the results of a questionnaire tested and enhanced in the first phase and now delivered to a broader audience of organizations/institutions working in the Social Innovation (SI) field. Like the first one, this questionnaire is divided between 4 categories (one for each objective), with sub-categories and specific questions within each of them, and it was disseminated within the partner’s contacts network.

The main objectives were:
1) To allow the identification and characterization of the network of organizations/institutions working in Social Innovation in each region;
2) To gather information about the meaning of social innovation to each of them and their experience in this field;
3) To map and characterize the structures, methods and work processes of the organizations/institutions;
4) To congregate the social challenges and needs of each region.

This preliminary needs analysis report presents social innovation needs mapped and analysed in each of the five SIKE project partner regions – Croatia, Germany, UK, Portugal and Spain.

The needs are mapped and divided into 4 categories.