The Portuguese SIKE unit will be anchored in the University of Aveiro, which is the SIKE unit’s academic partner. The unit will serve as a gate for all social innovation related topics when these are approaching the university. It will have the purpose to support, learn and advise social projects/ organisations and institutions in need for it. The two portuguese partners will work together on the cases and agendas addressed in the SIKE Unit.


The Portuguese SIKE unit is not operating as a physical space allocated in one location. Instead, it is an initiative which works as a shared ‘space’ or program but not a place’. The vision for this more mobile structure is to enable engagement and impact in different spaces of the university campus. But also to easier connect to events or within the community, accordingly to the need and context for its placement.

UNIT cases

The Portuguese cases are Refood and Fava.

Refood is a movement that transformed into an organization that collects food surplus, separates it and distributes to the most needed. The Refood movement is scaling to a level where it is spread all over the country and even across borders.

Fava is a project that was born within the University of Aveiro Design for Social Innovation course, further developed into a Masters’ thesis and now in transition to the “Prototyping and pilots” phase, setting the needs for its implementation and support. It consists of a production and distribution service of sustainable healthy meals for the academic community of the University of Aveiro.

UNIT Site visit

The site visit in Portugal takes place from 13-15th of March 2019.

The site visit will take place in Lisbon the first day and include a public event including a keynote address on knowledge transfer. The second day of the visit is organised to take place in Aveiro. There will be a showcase/ presentation of the University of Aveiro and Fava case study, followed by a visit to Aveiro’s Refood center. On the last day, a trip will take place to Lousã, where the participants will hear about Microninho social incubator and some projects related to this.